WinThatWar! is a real-time strategy game for your home computer, based on a dynamic gameplay that favors cooperation between players. The story is set in a unique retro-futuristic universe, featuring a deep narration that reveals itself over time, throughout the game’s evolution.

WinThatWar!, a MMO-RTS retrofuturistic video game

In addition to fully procedural solo and multiplayer game modes, the heart of the experience lies in a massively multiplayer online campaign, in which opposing factions wage a merciless war to conquer territories on a planetary scale. Planets are generated in real-time, and create endlessly new and exciting gameplay situations !

Low-ranking employee in one of the perpetually conflicting mega-corporations, you see yourself dragged into an inescapable galactic war. Your only shot at survival is to climb up the ladder of your faction’s hierarchy, but this is hardly possible by yourself !

Find trustful associates, and use your robotic minions to build, forage, mine, and profit, by coordinating your actions minutiously on each planet’s surface from the safety of your orbital base.

But can you really trust your friends?

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