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New gameplay mechanics.

If you subscribed to our mailing list or if you were at Stunfest 2016, you might have tested our 0.3.4 pre-alpha demo in which you’ve seen new gameplay mechanics. How about a quick rundown?

3 command units

When starting a game, you now have to choose one out of three different command units that will influence your early-game strategy. Their typical use in a team game is highly complementary and allows for smart choices and specialization.


Excavator - Sentinel - OUtpost      
Excavator – Sentinel – Outpost


The Sentinel is a powerful battle station with a deadly laser turret and heavy armor. Its firepower is sufficient to hold off a small army and defend its base. However, it moves slowly and has a smaller control zone compared to other command centers.


The Excavator has advanced mining capabilities: it is able to forage for Sharp Crystal hidden deep underground. Using an Excavator enables production and base development right from the start of a game, even in sectors that lack sufficient resource supply.


The Outpost allows for the most versatile base development tactics. It can move faster and has a much larger control zone than other command units. Additionally, its base energy production is much higher, allowing for fast base development. Its wide radar detection range also allows for efficient enemy and resource detection.

Relay antennas



Buildings now need to be inside your command zone in order to function. The command zone can be expanded by placing one or several relay antennas on the map. Every player is allowed a limited number of relay antennas.

Mineral 1 – Sharp Crystal

I won’t write a novel on this blog today, I swear.
We just wanted to show you this new modeled version of the Sharp Crystal.
Mineral PatchUntil now, the Crystal you could have seen in game was kind of a “test” model, allowing you to play the game while waiting for this new one.
The Sharp Crystal is a common ore. It’s the basic element for construction.

It’s really simple. For now, in WinThatWar! you just have to take care of the level of two resources. The first one is the Energy, created through generators, and the second one is the Sharp Crystal you have to extract through… well, through an extractor.

We chose as reference a particular ore : Ilmenite. A titanium and iron oxyde mineral.

ilmenite ilmenite
The hexagonal shapes are used to represent strengh and solidity. We hope it works!
We tried to make it very raw/unrefined, as it’s mean to be the most basic resource of the game. But at the same time we wanted it a bit sharp.

When it came to color it, we thought it needed to be Surreal, so the purple was perfect.
We really want the player (a.k.a you) to desire to find and extract this kind of cake made of Crystal.

Top View
It’s not really a retro-future style element, as you may have noticed, but I think it contrasts nicely with the retro-futurism style of the buildings, as the extractor, for example:

Extractor plus Mineral Patch

Hope you could find some on a distant planet. I think you could find it useful.


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