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Win That War! is on Steam Greenlight.

The Greenlight is now officially launched, and is only waiting for your votes!

We’re counting on you, not only to show your interest by offering us some green thumbs, but also to spread  the word of the Greenlight on your Steam community. Having Win That War! available on Steam is up to you now.

New gameplay mechanics.

If you subscribed to our mailing list or if you were at Stunfest 2016, you might have tested our 0.3.4 pre-alpha demo in which you’ve seen new gameplay mechanics. How about a quick rundown?

3 command units

When starting a game, you now have to choose one out of three different command units that will influence your early-game strategy. Their typical use in a team game is highly complementary and allows for smart choices and specialization.


Excavator - Sentinel - OUtpost      
Excavator – Sentinel – Outpost


The Sentinel is a powerful battle station with a deadly laser turret and heavy armor. Its firepower is sufficient to hold off a small army and defend its base. However, it moves slowly and has a smaller control zone compared to other command centers.


The Excavator has advanced mining capabilities: it is able to forage for Sharp Crystal hidden deep underground. Using an Excavator enables production and base development right from the start of a game, even in sectors that lack sufficient resource supply.


The Outpost allows for the most versatile base development tactics. It can move faster and has a much larger control zone than other command units. Additionally, its base energy production is much higher, allowing for fast base development. Its wide radar detection range also allows for efficient enemy and resource detection.

Relay antennas



Buildings now need to be inside your command zone in order to function. The command zone can be expanded by placing one or several relay antennas on the map. Every player is allowed a limited number of relay antennas.

Goodbye, silence

Once upon a time, we were a small and quiet team sharing a tiny office, then it was 2016. This new year brings us some noise ! No, no, I’m not talking about those 10 team members in a fenzy of brain activity, no, I’m talking about the 20.000-sounds-man, Jpeg, our sound designer who’s now working with us at the studio.

After some days plinking on his keyboard (you know, the one made of long black and white keys) he’s just gone into an exile by himself, entered the solo mode in his own room. But, it hasn’t put a stop to his silent-breaker skill. At the contrary, since he’s working in his very own “sounds cavern”, he’s testing and testing again, creating and making again the sounds of explosion, circulation… We even surprised him hitting his own car to record a base to create an impact sound.

Well, you can listen at these new sounds by watching these short videos right below.


That’s still not the final version for everything you’re listening here. Anyway, for the ones interested to know what changed from december 15th, we made a small list right here:

  • Artillery
  • Airknocker
  • Laser
  • Shooting impact
  • Explosion
  • Missile
  • Ship background sound
  • In-game sounds polishing

A large part of those sound effets are created from “noises” recorded outside, in the real world. That’s why this strange creature who is the sound designer sometimes hits his own car or to bring back to the office some plastic bags full of  gravels. Well, of course, for some sound effects, it’s a bit more complicated: I don’t imagin Jpeg standing behind a plane which is taking off. That’s why he also uses online sound banks potential. And after that, come the time to mix, brutalise and twist all these sounds with the help of a sound processing software, then it’s integrated in the game with the help of Wwise.

And here is a present for you, you little snoop, a picture of the lair. Hope you’ll be back on next Friday for a bit special post !


Roadmap little changes

Hi people!

It’s been a long time I haven’t wrote anything on this blog. That’s why I take advantage of this post-return of summer holidays break to bring you some general news.

From movie the mummy found on tumblr

So! Insane Unity is doing well. Doom is still working on his network stack (which has quite progressed), and Philemon get back to a concept arts phase (which are also in a good way). Also… our two trainees abandoned us last week (sob).

Anyway, we’re still looking for financing and that takes a lot of time, but we’re doing our best to stick to our roadmap at the same time. And as you’ll see below, that was not as effective as we expected. Let’s see what we forecast for September:

  • HUD (tactical information)
  • Tutorial
  • Multiplayer over the Internet
  • Gameplay-guided music

Hum. Well, the HUD is functional, as you may already know if you receive our newsletter, but we’re waiting for Philemon to find a moment to draw some pretty strategy icons miniatures before we let you test it.

About the tutorial, we’re waiting to finish fixing every single interface issues. But, here is the point: Since I had loads of administrative tasks to handle these months, I barely made progress on the interface. Maybe I should buy a tie (just kidding). Even though, I found some times to work on the AI, and that’s the good news. Be patient, I’ll wrote a  post about that later.

Multiplayer over the Internet mode is working! Here is another good news, right? At least, one of us is doing his job, here: Doom. The connecting time between two players is just melting like an icecube on the top of an uranium battery, and the stack is getting stronger and  more and more efficient. Maybe Doom will also write a post about this in a couple weeks.

Last but not least, about the gameplay-guided music, we just have to integrate in the engine the loops CiD produced on Wwise.

I think I’ve nothing else to add. I just wanted to be honest with you and confess my mea culpa before sneakily going to modify the roadmap on WinThatWar! website.

Bye everyone, and thanks again for all your support.



You wanted it, you dreamed of it.
Well, maybe you didn’t… Anyway we did dreamed that you could test WinThatWar! without being driven to despair, no matter if you are a RTS-holic or not.

That’s why we (most Kevin) concocted a little cheat sheet for you, so you could play Win That War! with total peace of mind.


Of course, some of these shortcuts may still undergo some changes in the coming months . But for now , you can refer to it to test the Alpha 0.3 which will be released in a few days .
Don’t hesitate to leave a comment to tell us what you think about these shortcuts. Is it ok for you? Or are some of them not suitable?

To be informed of future releases before anybody else, don’t forget to sign up here: Beta test program

Have a nice weekend.

Easter bugs hunt

This air unit has some issue to fly. It's a bit shaking up there.

This air unit has some issue to fly. It’s a bit shaking up there.

Two newcomers

If you’re following us on social medias or if you subscribed to our newsletter, you may know that Insane Unity team has slightly grown during the last months. That’s why we move in a new office a couple of weeks ago.

These some additional square meters were actually necessary, since we welcomed two trainees in addition of the four employees we already were.  Kevin and Yannick respectively joined us in early February and early March and they’re helping with the game development, including integration of the new units and buildings. And sometimes, these integrations are a bit…unpredictables.

Not an easter-egg, just some unmanageable units

grosbomberweb3An easter-egg in a video game, if some of you need a reminder, is an hidden  feature…which often has no more ambition than to troll the player, and which sometimes may looks like a “bug”. GTA or Half-Life addicts, for example, are used to it.

The following gifs could have been some easter-eggs, but they’re not. They’re not some jokes we put into Win That War! These are only integration failed first tries. Don’t worry, it’s all fixed now and you could enjoy this new units in the next alpha release.

Anyway, we thought that our dev-blog might also be used to show you some tests states, and the necessary  mistakes which come with it. That’s why, today, we wanted to share the backstage with you.


The artillery decides that today it wants to be a spin top.

The artillery decides that today it wants to be a spin top.

Another spin top issue. This  bomber is going to feel sick soon.

Another spin top issue. This bomber is going to feel sick soon.

Here you can see an average sized turret. Then a giant sized turret ghost appears.

Here you can see an average sized turret. Then a giant sized turret ghost appears.







WinThatWar! presentation pitch

A meeting for Rennes startups

We were Thursday, March 5, 2015, the winter breeze was whipping our faces … and yet, despite the cold, we went to the Pitchcamp, co-organized by Telecom Bretagne and “la Cantine Numérique rennaise”. If you  never have  heard of it, it is an opportunity for young companies, startups, to present their project in front of an heterogenous audience, all digital and technological innovations enthusiasts. That’s us. That’s totally us ! That’s why we did this presentation. This also gave us the opportunity to see what else is developed these days  in Rennes digital ecosystem. Once again, it was quite heterogeneous.

On the agenda: Some apps and connected devices  giving all kinds of  sports results and statistics. Long-distance social -drinking with friends. Softwares to help businesses to reach their customers or to detect online fraud.

 A video is worth a thousands words

So, we just  landed in the middle of all of that, with our slides to tell them about video games, retro-futurism, and persistent universes. You dreamed about a clear and simple presentation of WinThatWar!? We hope this video will satisfy you.

Warning ! Air units deployment.

If you already played to our Alpha-Demo (If you don’t, jogtrot to this website : you know that, in Win That War!, there is some tanks, which drive…on the floor. Well, that was a good beginning, but not enough. If you would like to have a go at these damn tanks and engineers, you might need some air units. What a coincidence, that’s precisely what we are working on these days.

fighter bomber1

Concept arts, icons, place-holders, integration… and here they are, our very first bombers flying across the map. Actually, well, that wasn’t that easy. Those little flying guys had first decided that it would be funnier for them to become some kind of underground units. I mean, we had some issues integrating them at first, and the bombers were buried under the sand, showing only their cock-pit and vertical stabilizer. We just deleted the evidences about that. And everybody and every unit went back to their place, in the air or on the ground.


If you’re a lucky guy, you might experiment these firsts air units in Win That War! next release. Hope you’ll put it to good use.

Meanwhile, you now can have a quick overview of what is coming.


The Insane Unity team came on Tchouri!

IU on Tchouri

“That’s one small step for Win That War!, one giant leap for Insane Unity” – Khaleepso alias Lola, on-live on Tchouri comet.

On Wednesday afternoon, Philae landed on “Tchouri” comet. Win That War! congrats the European Space Agency (ESA) for this breakthrough in the Space Conquest and for the incredible discoveries it will certainly bring to us.

Like CNES (but with a smaller crew), we are also working busily. Philemon and I are working on a new website for the game, which will takes place at, while Doom and Etham are writing technical documents.


Back from holidays

Hi fellows,

After some holidays, the entire team is back to work.
Philemon is still working on the typography and we hope we’d be able to show you soon the (almost?) definitive version of our logo title.
He’s doing a great job on it and it takes a lot of time because the typography and effects’ choice will really represents the Win That War! identity.

Doom also worked a lot these days and you could enjoy a local multiplayer game mode.
Yes, you well understand : the next release will give you the possibility to play with your best friend or your boss and just blow his units off, because yeah, you’re the boss and you know it.

And what’s doing Etham during this time ? He’s working on the graphical user interface.

Stay tuned,

Yoon (Oh, me ? I’m intern at Insane Unity for a couple of weeks and I’m here to take care of you, Warers)

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