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Win That War! Early Access opens today!

Hello everyone.


Win That War! Early Access will be released today, 7th April at 5 P.M UTC
Visit the Steam page here:

The whole team has been impatiently waiting for this moment. Ever since we laid the first bricks of our engine, three years ago, the team has grown, the gamedesign and visual aspect of the game have been entirely reworked, and the MMO campaign, the core of Win That War!, has come to life.

Today, all of this will become a reality. We’re all looking forward to you playing Win That War!

To help you get the hang of the game, we created two documents, which are hosted online on Steam, but seem a bit hard to find.

To make things easier for you, here are:

We are waiting for all of you. And may the best strategists win!

Win That War title

One year already

So, yesterday was Insane Unity first anniversary.


When we first started the project, two and a half years ago, I already knew we would have a lot of work to do, I knew that would take time, and I knew it would be hard to make it real. But, well, we did it: now, Insane Unity team has grown, we’re 10 members, and when I think about all we got through from the start, I admit I’m kind of proud of us, and I’m thrilled. I’m thrilled because I realize that if you’re persevering enough, you actually can make your project comes true.

Yet, we must confess we don’t really have much good reasons to boast: we’re progressing on the game development but it’s not ready to be available on Steam…. yet.
Just one year. It makes me feel like Insane Unity is just a baby, thinking he has already did a lot since he born, but he still has everything to learn about life. And we still have lots of things to learn about being a “company”. Everyday we learn, everyday we do some self-analysis: are we going the right way?

Moving from a 2 members team to a 10 members team actually involves to do self-analysis often: you must be able to accept criticism, from outside and from inside the team, to justify every choice you make puting your ego aside, to trust others and just hand down a lot of all these things you were used to be in charge of. By joining the team, every single new member brings with him some new ideas, as consistent as your own, and as “founders” we have to connect all these ideas, let everybody in the team knows they’re important and necessary, and to make the good choices for the game. We attempt to take this way, and trust me, that’s not that easy everyday. But, after all, designing and developing a game is mostly about humans relationships, isn’t it?

So, in the months to come, I swear you’ll see what this new team is able to do!



Happy new year 2016!!

The Insane Unity team wishes you the best for 2016!


Utopiales and Art to Play: November fairs

Putting aside our recent penchant for recruitment and furnitures assembly, we are still (yes, we do!) collecting all your feedbacks to improve the game. And game fairs, show, conventions are the best for us. Really, it’s amazing to meet you all, watch your reactions while you’re playing WinThatWar! and talk about it with you. And, in November, we were kinda lucky since we were present at the Utopiales and Art to Play, both of these fairs taking place in Nantes.

Just like last year, the Utopiales public was really… young. Anyway, he also was very enthusiastic, and from the beginning of the afternoon, the kids were just there, staying at our stand, helping out and teaching the new comers how to play WinThatWar! That was really great for us to see the youngers able to understand the game and how to play it. Sometimes, at the expense of the elders! Hold on, don’t get mad, “elders”, we know most of you will become some really badass strategists as soon as the game will offer more features and options.

Utopiales Insane Unity

We neither regret the Art to Play weekend. At the contrary! You were so many to stop by our stand, 14yo young women to 60yo grown men, testing the game and tormenting us with your countless and unusual questions (Actually we love that, it makes us look deeper into the game mechanics, so please don’t stop!), and also encouraging us. Well, we won’t lie, this weekend was exhausting (like really, it killed us. 5 days later we’re sleeping on the tables at the studio. I barely exaggerate, promise) but still, it was really rewarding. We wrote a lot of your feedbacks and ideas on our notepads. Plus, that was a good opportunity to see if you’d like the tokens/strategy icons, as it was a brand new feature in the game. Unless I’m mistaken, i think you liked it, and the map general view have seduced many (mini-map “are so 2014” anyway.).

In short, if we should summarize those 2 weekends:

  • The younger are the players, the rougher they play. They just spend their time building turrets.
  • We can easily welcome 13 players at the same time on our stand, even if it’s only 2 computers.
  • Trying to give some explanations about our game when Matthieu Sommet (SLG – a french famous youtuber) or Ganglion (J-rock band) are standing on the stage, about 10 meters far from you, can be a quite difficult excercise. That’s why we just gave up our vocal cords there.

Art to Play Insane Unity

Again, thank you to every single player who came to these conventions.

Recruitment season is over!

Hi everyone!

Do you know we missed you, like, a lot?!

We know, we were not very present on this blog lately, because, well, we didn’t have much news for you. But now, we can announce it : Recruitment season is over! Finally.

We’ve “lost” some time regarding the previsional Roadmap, but we didn’t think (when we wrote it) we would have to hire six more people til the end of 2015. Anyway, we finally made our choice, and soon, we’ll be able to come back to a normal working rhythm. Everybody is back in front of their computer screen : back to code, back to design, back to blog… and that’s a relief. It was necessary for us to make the team grows, so we could make the best game we’re able to create, for ourselves, and most of all, for you.

Why we spent so much time on this recruitment season, is because we did our best to answer every single application. We read every single resume and cover letter, we visited and evaluated every websites and books that have been sent to us, so we could choose the right people for this first game, but also for the future of Insane Unity. It wasn’t easy at all, we’re doubling our number, after all! The good is that, in less than a month now, the team will be complete. Our sound designer even join us next week. We’ll try to make you a small recap about all of this by the end of the month, and, we’ll introduce our “newbies”, for sure.

Until then, it you haven’t seen it yet, we produce a video trailer about Michel’s life. That’s all made from in-game screenshots.

We’ll be back next week for a review of the two fairs we were present at last month.

Have a nice weekend.

Hi you, we’re hiring!


You’re a French speaker and you want to join Insane Unity ?

Please see our job ads here : Careers

Pitch my game – Meeting at Epitech engineers’ school

January 21st, we were present at the 2nd edition of the Pitch my game BZH (understand Breizh – Britain) at Rennes’ Epitech school. We were there to introduce our game, Win That War! in front of about a hundred of persons, most of them also working in the Video Game industry : SNJV (National Video Games Association in France), 3 Hit Combo (Rennes’ crew organizing the Stunfest convention every year). And some other independent video games’ developers : Ballistic Frogs, Wako Factory and Triskell Interactive, among others.

This “around Video games” meeting gave us the opportunity to observe the public reaction towards our more or less technical presentation of Win That War! It appears that most people enjoyed it. Some of our colleagues really pleased us with kind encouraging comments and compliments. It feels good. Doing the presentation of a video game, or any creative work, when it still in progress, is always a challenge. It might be really clear for the artist or developer himself, but it’s always hard to explain to others. Fortunately, there is some videos of the event. Unfortunately, there is no english subtitles. If you want to watch it anyway (if you understand french, or if you just want to have a look at the slides & demo), here it is :

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve got some questions about the game itself, we’ll try to answer it in a future blog post.


Win That War!

WTW robots exploring a desert at sunset

You are a modest office employee involved in a war to take control of an exoplanet. Sheltered inside your frigate orbiting XB8074, you deploy and order robotic units to clear maximum profit.

The only problem… you are not alone! Several corporations are competing for the domination of this planet. You are free to cooperate or fight, provided you comply with the galactic rules of colonization. The only order that your superiors sent you: Win That War!

Win That War! will be a massive and responsive MMO-RTS. Below is a gameplay video of our pre-alpha version. Note that the visuals and sounds are temporary; it is still very partial, but you can already play … and win! 😉

If you are interested in playing this early version, you can subscribe using the form on the right. You will be able to download it in a few weeks. It is yet a single-player version, against AI. The multiplayer strategic view will come, but much later!

We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Doom, Etham and Philemon.

Insane Unity is present at Stunfest 2014

Hey, we’re at Stunfest this weekend. Are you there?

If so, we are looking forward to you dropping by the Indie booth and playing the pre-alpha demo of Win That War!

And last but not least, you can win a Stunfest 3 days pass. To participate, just send us a message to answer the following question:

Win That War! is :

  • a 50s’ movie
  • a new brand of toothpaste
  • a massively multiplayer strategy game

The winner will be picked at random among the right answers.

EDIT: The draw is done, congratulation to Morgane who won the pass!!!

See you soon,


Win That War!

Win That War! demo will be playable at Stunfest 2014.

IU grows to 3

Here we are Insane Unity, and we are 3. Hum, 4, actually. I’ve forgotten Lola, who is with us for a few weeks internship.

Philemon joined the team 3 weeks ago. He is designing a visual identity well-suited to the universe of our game.

Thanks to him, this blog should gain colors. It also allows Doom to say goodbye to Blender (with a small tear) to focus on more pressing issues. Right now, he is polishing the import module which will let Philemon tweak the render setup easily…

On my side, I am working full time on the user interface and game-logic.

Our objective : release a pre-alpha of “Win That War!” for the Stun Fest, in may.

See you next week !


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