The factory

Hey guys,

First concept of the factory that will build the ground units:


You must ask how a vehicle can get out of this building. I don’t know yet :)

I really would like to have a hologram on the top of each building. Maybe this is too much?

See you next time!


WTW pre-alpha is out!


Almost three weeks have passed since the Stunfest is finished… These three days were intense. We were delighted to realize that there were gamers thinking that our project is interesting and promising. That is why the team owes you a big:


So, after a week of deserved holidays, we tried to take into account your many comments and fix the bugs you found. Here is what came out :

  • Camera bugs are normally fixed, and we can now use the arrow keys and the spacebar to guide the camera (in addition to the wheel)
  • Esc key now has the expected behavior
  • We can now edit the tail of the factory
  • Lots of small interface issues have been fixed or improved

Warning! This is still a very preliminary version.

Remember that game is in pre-alpha stage… You will surely experience slowdowns if you build a lot of units. A lot of optimization work remains !

Retro Design Generator

On the visual side, only the tanks and engineers have been designed by Philemon. All other assets will be replaced. We also lacked time for tweaking the colors of the map.

Finally, with regard to AI, I had to resist the temptation to work to improve it, because fixing bugs was a priority. Do not therefore expect miracles : AI will be a poor opponent.

Thereafter, the path-finding will be reviewed. We will also redesign the user interface to make it more visual, intuitive and uncluttered. We will of course rework the gameplay by adding units and buildings. But our immediate priority is the network layer, in order to release a multiplayer version as soon as possible.

Your opinion does matters !

Speak well of a project, it’s easy, but say bad, it’s harder… However, all reviews are precious to us. We have posted a small survey to collect your thoughts and suggestions about Win That War! :


Minimum System Requirements :

  • Windows Vista SP2 or later
  • Video Card : DirectX 10, Shader Model 4 , 256MB video RAM

The demo can be downloaded from IndieDB:

Win That War ! Pre-Alpha Demo (0.1)

Good test !

Win That War!

Ore Extractor

First concept art of an ore extractor.

Extractor Ore Rail Gun

The design of the mineral is style work in progress.

See you next time.

Win That War!

WTW robots exploring a desert at sunset

You are a modest office employee involved in a war to take control of an exoplanet. Sheltered inside your frigate orbiting XB8074, you deploy and order robotic units to clear maximum profit.

The only problem… you are not alone! Several corporations are competing for the domination of this planet. You are free to cooperate or fight, provided you comply with the galactic rules of colonization. The only order that your superiors sent you: Win That War!

Win That War! will be a massive and responsive MMO-RTS. Below is a gameplay video of our pre-alpha version. Note that the visuals and sounds are temporary; it is still very partial, but you can already play … and win! ;-)

If you are interested in playing this early version, you can subscribe using the form on the right. You will be able to download it in a few weeks. It is yet a single-player version, against AI. The multiplayer strategic view will come, but much later!

We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Doom, Etham and Philemon.

Insane Unity is present at Stunfest 2014

Hey, we’re at Stunfest this weekend. Are you there?

If so, we are looking forward to you dropping by the Indie booth and playing the pre-alpha demo of Win That War!

And last but not least, you can win a Stunfest 3 days pass. To participate, just send us a message to answer the following question:

Win That War! is :

  • a 50s’ movie
  • a new brand of toothpaste
  • a massively multiplayer strategy game

The winner will be picked at random among the right answers.

EDIT: The draw is done, congratulation to Morgane who won the pass!!!

See you soon,


Win That War!

Win That War! demo will be playable at Stunfest 2014.

Teamwork when moving

Last week, I improved the assignment of arrival positions. Well… one 2 short videos are worth a thousand words.

In the video below, you ask a group of tanks to go close to a radar tower:

If you ask them to attack, they must position themselves so as not to prevent other ones from reaching the target:

See you,

BIG map

Today I am talking pathfinding optimization.

Win That War! players may be helped by AI to manage a big amount of units inside a large-scale map. Before diving further into game-logic code, though, I made a stop to optimize a bit my pathfinding system.

Finding the shorter path to a long distance objective can take a long time, GPS users may have experienced it. Hopefully, this path does not need to be computed very often.

Contrary to a GPS which works on a static map, AI works on a dynamic one:

  • buildings can be syntonized by an engineer at anytime, to block a way point ;
  • units can move to interpose ;
  • the safety along the path can also evolve, which may lead to choose another path.

So we must update the path regularly.

To reduce CPU consumption, I tried to recompute every path at a regular interval. For a big amount of units I placed by hope on the low of large numbers. But unfortunately, this produces jitter which affects the fluidity of the game. So I transform the solver to make it run in an incremental manner : a small part of the problem is solved at each frame, using a multi-threaded scheduler.

A lot of work of optimization remains, but AI is already able to manager 30 groups of 36 units at the same time. In the video below, they are placed at random on a 100 square kilometers map. Half of the groups are moving to a random point.

Well, I still need to assign properly the target positions so that tanks restore their formation instead of clumping like a bunch of bugs!

See you next time,


Ambient Occlusion

Hi all!

Here’s a video of the ambient occlusion pass of our engine.

In the first part, we see the rendering of a beautiful fire hydrant (thanks to Philemon  for the model), and the result of the AO pass  (high quality preset) in our model viewer. In the second, the rendering in-game.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want more technical information on the subject.

See you next week,


IU grows to 3

Here we are Insane Unity, and we are 3. Hum, 4, actually. I’ve forgotten Lola, who is with us for a few weeks internship.

Philemon joined the team 3 weeks ago. He is designing a visual identity well-suited to the universe of our game.

Thanks to him, this blog should gain colors. It also allows Doom to say goodbye to Blender (with a small tear) to focus on more pressing issues. Right now, he is polishing the import module which will let Philemon tweak the render setup easily…

On my side, I am working full time on the user interface and game-logic.

Our objective : release a pre-alpha of “Win That War!” for the Stun Fest, in may.

See you next week !


Cold war and Space conquest


I am the new guy in the team. My duty is to make graphics of WTW.

Here is a first design proposal for a battle tank that I did last week.

See you next time.

Concept Design Battle Tank

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